Sedona is full of beauty. The contrast of the red rock canyons and the green trees offers some amazing photo opportunities. From dramatic edge-of-the-world shots to moody photos with gorgeous backgrounds, Sedona offers the best Instagram shots! 

When looking through this list of Sedona Instagram spots, keep in mind that other people want to enjoy these locations as well. Some of these locations will have a line waiting for others to get their shots, so please be mindful while getting yours. And shoot, be sure you slow down and enjoy the scenery Sedona offers. It’s truly a beautiful place to escape and reset if you don’t allow the crowds to bother you. 

The following list of Instagram spots in Sedona is in no particular order. Some of the locations require a good hike to get to them, so be sure to head out prepared, packing both water and snacks and know your hiking abilities. No photo is worth your life, so choose your Sedona Instagram spot wisely. 

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11 Incredible Instagram Spots in Sedona 

1. Keyhole Cave 

This Sedona Instagram shot is not for the faint of heart. Attempting this shot should only be done if you are completely confident you can get yourself both into the cave and back out of it. 

Keyhole Cave is a secret cave in Sedona that’s actually a really short social trail off from the Thunder Mountain Trail. The hike to the base of Keyhole Cave is actually considered to be easy, as it’s relatively flat, and as long as you keep the cave in your view, it’s really easy to find.

However, getting an Instagram shot from inside the cave is extremely difficult and actually requires a bit of rock climbing. This complete guide to Keyhole Cave Sedona explains the exact way to get into the cave and even includes a map of the trail there.

2. Devil’s Bridge 

Arguably the most famous of the Sedona Instagram spots, Devils Bridge is a must-see during one day in Sedona and offers those who are daring enough to take a photo on an arch. While the photos play tricks on the mind, the Devil’s Bridge arch is actually quite wide and relatively safe to walk out on for a photo. 

The easiest way to Devil’s Bridge is from the Dry Creek Vista Trailhead. From the trailhead, walk along the Dry Creek Road, made for OHVs, for about a mile until you reach the Devil’s Bridge Trailhead. From there, follow the trail and trail signs up into the canyon, up a handful of rock steps, and along a ledge leading to the Instagram shot. Be prepared to wait in line for upwards of 30 minutes to have your turn on the arch. 

The hike to Devils Bridge is out-and-back, two miles there and two miles back. It will likely take about three hours to complete, but with the wait time for the Instagram shot, it will be closer to four hours in total. 

Several people standing and looking at Devil's Bridge, one of the best Sedona Instagram spots, in the snow.

3. Bell Rock 

Bell Rock is a famous rock formation in the Oak Creek Village area of Sedona. It can be seen from many different areas of Sedona, and as you may guess, it’s shaped like a bell. 

Bell Rock is the perfect place for photography, and you’ll quickly realize how true that is when you see the many wedding photos, engagement photos, and other photo shoots happening all around Bell Rock. The biggest attraction to photo shoots at Bell Rock is the extremely accessible hike, which is easy yet offers great views of the surrounding red rocks.

Accessing Bell Rock is best done from the Courthouse Vista parking area. You will need a parking pass here and at any of the surrounding parking lots. From the Courthouse Vista parking lot, it’s a quarter-mile walk to Bell Rock.

The world is your oyster when it comes to creating the perfect Sedona Instagram shot here! Adventuresome and experienced hikers can hike nearly to the top of Bell Rock, creating a beautiful shot of Sedona, while those looking to still have a beautiful photo without the strenuous hike can skirt around the base of Bell Rock until they find the shot they like. 

While at Bell Rock, pay close attention to how you feel. Bell Rock is said to be the most powerful vortex in Sedona, so if you take the time to channel your energy, you may even find peace and clarity here.

4. Cathedral Rock 

Looking for a dramatic Sedona Instagram spot? Look no further than Cathedral Rock. While the hike to Cathedral Rock has often been referred to as easy or moderate, it’s really a rock scramble and climb to the top, so it shouldn’t be taken lightly. However, if you’re up for the challenge — this is one of the most scenic and best hikes in Sedona!

Ride the Sedona shuttle and get dropped off right at the Cathedral Rock trailhead, where a two-mile hike awaits. Again, while this hike isn’t super long in distance, it’s basically hiking straight up a rock face, so it should be done with caution. These hiking shoes are fantastic for gripping onto the slick rock. 

The hike to the Cathedral Rock Instagram shot is well marked with cairns or rock stacks and is pretty well-traveled. You’ll likely be sharing the trail with multiple other people, who will help direct you up the rock. Once you reach the saddle of Cathedral Rock, the Instagram shot here is taken from the right side of the ledge. Either ask someone to take your photo or set your camera up on a timer and run out to the ledge. 

Be careful here, as the drop from the ledge is extremely high and is straight down. After getting your Sedona Instagram shot from the first saddle, head to the next Instagram shot on this list, the Cathedral Rock Second Saddle. 

Two people standing and holding their arms around each other at Cathedral Rock in Sedona at dawn

5. Cathedral Rock Second Saddle 

Most people skip the second saddle of Cathedral Rock. While the photos don’t offer a dramatic drop off the rock, multiple rock formations create a beautiful Sedona shot. 

To get to the second saddle of Cathedral Rock, hike up to the first saddle along the Cathedral Rock trail from the Cathedral Rock trailhead. At the end of the trail sign on the saddle, head to the left. Once you reach the rock, skirt around the right side of the rock face until you see a final climb to the top of the second saddle to the right. It sounds confusing, but it’s really not so bad! 

At this point, enjoy the views and walk around until you create the perfect Sedona Instagram shot. Return back the same way you came, and be sure to check the final shuttle times, so you don’t miss your ride back to your car. 

A woman sitting on the edge of a red rock at one of the best Instagram spots in Sedona.

6. Sugarloaf Summit 

For panoramic views of Sedona without a major hike, Sugarloaf Summit is one of the easiest hikes in Sedona with epic views. Starting from the Teacup Trailhead, awesome photos with the big red rock mountains await the moment you step on the trail. 

From the Teacup Trailhead, follow the Teacup Trail to the Sugarloaf Loop Trail and then up the Sugarloaf Summit Trail. This hike is less than a mile one way and relatively flat until you reach the summiting part of the trail. 

Don’t let the summit scare you, though. While it’s steep, it’s short and doesn’t involve rock scrambling. The views from the top of Sugarloaf Summit are dreamy. Take your photos with the massive Thunder Mountain right behind you, or let the city of Sedona be your backdrop. Alternatively, hike Sugarloaf at sunrise or sunset for dreamy Sedona Instagram spots. 

7. Airport Mesa Trail 

Airport Mesa is a flat, table-like mesa in the center of Sedona that is home to Sedona’s airport. At the top of the mesa, there is a $3 parking area where visitors can park and then enjoy multiple different short and easy trails around the mesa. 

The Airport Mesa Trail is just over three miles and circumnavigates the entire mesa. Along this trail, you’ll find photo opportunities of all of Sedona’s major rock formations and beautiful shots of cactus, red rock, and agave plants. 

A woman wearing a backpack, pants, and hiking shoes overlooking a scenic overlook in Sedona with the city and red rocks to capture one of the best Instagram spots in Sedona.

8. Subway Cave 

Contrary to the above-mentioned Keyhole Cave, The Subway Cave in Sedona is a very popular cave. Thanks to a few Instagram shots of this cave going absolutely viral, it is visited by the masses. 

The Subway Cave is located in Boynton Canyon, and parking here is an absolute mess in the high season. There is parking at the Boynton Canyon Trailhead, but a parking pass is required, or you can park for free along the road just west of the junction before the trailhead. 

From the Boynton Canyon Trailhead, Subway Cave is a five-mile out-and-back hike. Due to the distance and the heat in Sedona summers, it’s best to attempt this hike in the morning or late evening. Be sure to carry extra water and snacks on you, as the hike is more difficult than it may initially seem. 

Starting your hike at the Boynton Canyon Trailhead, follow the Boynton Canyon Trail into the canyon for about two miles. At two miles in, there is a big open area to the right, with a small trail going into the forest. This is the trail to Subway Cave. It’s worth mentioning here that this is an unmarked trail, and getting lost is possible. So only complete this hike if you are comfortable navigating your way through trails and possibly taking a few wrong turns. While this trail is popular, it’s easy to get lost, so complete this hike with caution. 

As you approach the cave, you’ll hear others inside. This will help guide you in the right direction. Aside from navigating to the cave, getting into it is the trickiest part. Again, do so with caution and know your limits—it’s not worth injury (or worse) to get this famous Sedona Instagram shot. 

If you’re looking for another cave hike in Sedona, check out the popular Soldier Pass Trail and Soldier Pass Cave for another fantastic Sedona Instagram spot!

9. Airport Mesa Vortex 

While Bell Rock is believed to be the most powerful vortex in Sedona, the Airport Mesa Vortex is said to be the most popular. This vortex sits on the hillside of Airport Mesa, offering views of both Sedona west and the Village of Oak Creek area of Sedona towards the south. 

The Airport Mesa Vortex parking lot can only hold ten cars, and tickets are handed out like candy on Halloween, so be sure to park in an actual parking spot or check alternative parking areas for Airport Mesa here. From the parking lot, head up the stairs and then to the left. You’ll follow a cable wire until a summit trail peels off to the right. Take care going up this trail, as the rocks can be very slippery. 

You’ll soon reach the Airport Mesa Vortex, just a quarter mile from the parking lot. Try setting up your camera on the rocks or on a tripod, and then sit overlooking the views from the Airport Mesa Vortex. The views here are great all around! However, be respectful of those wishing to connect with the vortex energy here while you get your Instagram shot.

A woman wearing hiking pants, a black puffer jacket, and a blue backpack overlooking the Sedona red rocks and greenery

10. Chapel of the Holy Cross 

The Chapel of the Holy Cross is an absolutely stunning piece of architecture built right into the red rocks of Sedona. This chapel is open to the public and provides great Instagram photos from both the actual chapel and also photographing the chapel from afar. 

It’s a bit mind-blowing to see how the chapel is built right into the red rocks, and while it’s not your typical Instagram shot of Sedona, it shouldn’t be missed. There is plenty of parking right at the Chapel of the Holy Cross, and with most visitors making a quick stop just to see the chapel, even when the lots are full, spots open up rather quickly. 

You can take photos directly from the chapel or jump on the Chapel Trail from the chapel itself to get a different angle for your shot. 

11. Doe Mountain 

Doe Mountain is the perfect Sedona Instagram shot for early risers. Hiking Doe Mountain for sunrise, hikers are greeted with hot air balloons taking off right in front of Doe Mountain and then floating around the mountain in the morning. The hot air balloons add an interesting twist to an already beautiful shot of the red rocks of Sedona. 

Taking off from the Doe Mountain Trailhead, hike up the well-marked trail, climbing with switchbacks to the top of the mountain. The top is like a tabletop, and you’ll traverse it, again along a well-marked trail, to the ledge offering great views of the Red Rock Wilderness. 

Map of the Best Sedona Instagram Spots

Helpful Tips for These Sedona Instagram Spots 

Utilize the Sedona Shuttle

In 2023, the Sedona Shuttle was born. This shuttle is a bit short of amazing, and there are still some kinks to work out, but it has helped mitigate the traffic issue in Sedona at popular trails. A few of the Instagram spots in this post are at Sedona shuttle locations. You can check current shuttle times and locations here

Be Patient

Be sure you visit Sedona for more than just the Instagram shot. Sedona is a very popular place, and if you visit only to get a certain shot, you’ll likely be annoyed by the sheer amount of people and the extra time it takes to get the shot you want. Be patient and enjoy the beauty surrounding these Sedona Instagram shots. 

Be Prepared

Always pack water, snacks, and a jacket. The weather can change rapidly in the Red Rock Wilderness, and you should be prepared! You may even want to pack a headlight or flashlight, as it can get dark in the canyons rather quickly. 

Share Your Awe-Inspiring Photos at These Sedona Instagram Spots

Now comes the fun part—sharing your stunning Sedona Instagram shots online. Thanks to your gorgeous photos, everyone will soon want to plan a trip to Sedona soon. While you’re in the area, be sure to check out some of these day trips from Sedona, like Grand Canyon National Park, Jerome, and Cottonwood, for more stunning Instagram photos!

Enjoy your time in Sedona! It’s an absolutely breathtaking place to visit.

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