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Do you work for a hotel, resort, bed & breakfast, or vacation rental company looking to drive traffic to your website, build interest in your brand, and secure more bookings? I offer website copywriting and content marketing services (blogs and emails) to help you create an enticing brand and attract more customers.


Hello, I’m Brittany!

I’m a copywriter, content writer, and blogger with a passion for the travel industry. I started my travel blog, Travel by Brit, in 2020 to help ordinary women (like myself) dream, plan, and do extraordinary travel experiences. I've worked with notable travel brands, like, in addition to marketing agencies, small businesses, and travel bloggers to write clear copy and helpful content that boosts your website traffic and business.

I’m passionate about your success, and I’d love to use my marketing experience and copywriting skills to connect you with your ideal customers, clients, or readers. Let’s collaborate!

Why Hire Me?

  • I Meet Deadlines
  • I'm Communicative
  • I'm Detail-Oriented
  • I'm An SEO Expert

I meet deadlines

Even when deadlines are tight, I always get work turned in on time (and usually earlier than expected!).

I'm communicative

You won't have to worry about not hearing from me. I'll be as "hands-on" or "hands-off" as you like, and if I have questions, I won't hesitate to ask you.

I pay attention to details

With a keen eye for good writing and aptitude for grammar, you won't have to worry about me overlooking the little details–my writing is sharp, detailed, and clean.

I'm an SEO expert

Search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial to help your readers or customers find your website, blogs, or marketing content online. I have the tools, knowledge, and experience to optimize your marketing content, so travelers find you online (for free!).