About Me

Hi! I'm Brit

I’m an Arizona native living in Phoenix, and I work as a freelance copywriter and administrative assistant. I’ve always thought of myself as a unique blend of organized and creative (any enneagram 2w1s relate?), so it makes sense the nature of each of these jobs reflects a different side of my personality.

Even though you may know me as a travel blogger, travel is actually a small fraction of my life.

I enjoy being home, spending time with family and friends, and am very connected with my local community.

I am a Christian, and my faith is an important part of my life. One of my passions is working with middle school girls as a Young Life volunteer leader!

And finally, an about me page would just be incomplete without mentioning my love for Disney, country music, Taylor Swift, reading, and golden retriever puppies (Michael and I will adopt one... someday!).

about travel by brit

My Travel story

I was blessed to grow up traveling across the USA with my family. By the time I graduated high school, I had visited almost half of the states!

I had planned for my first international experience to be studying abroad in London. I ended up graduating from college in three years, so I was never able to squeeze a study abroad semester into my schedule. However, I still had big dreams of traveling abroad!

After my husband, Michael, and I got engaged, we decided we would go on an international honeymoon to London, Paris, Rome, and Cinque Terre (and it was AMAZING!). This trip helped us decide to make travel a priority in our life together.

about travel by brit

When we returned home, I connected with several friends who:

  • Asked how we managed to plan & pay for a wedding & international honeymoon in seven months (apparently, we are crazy!)
  • Told me how much they loved seeing pictures and following our trip over social media.

These comments sparked my interest in travel blogging.

I realized that there are women just like me looking for creative, practical ways to make travel a priority in their lives & budgets.

If you want to travel, but feel:

  • Scared by the cost ...
  • Overwhelmed by the coordination ...
  • Or unqualified by your own fear ...

… there’s a place for you here.

My heart for this blog is to put the resources and advice you need into your hands to help you confidently plan & experience your dream trip.

The truth is, I don’t think you have to sell everything you own, pack your bags, and buy a one-way ticket to see the world.

I think it’s possible for ordinary women, just like you and me, to dream, plan, and do extraordinary travel.

I consider you my friend, and I hope you consider me your friend, too! I look forward to getting to know you as we go on this journey together.

I hang out on Instagram, so I would love it you sent me a message to @travelbybrit to introduce yourself! I can't wait to meet you!