About Me

Hi! I'm Brit

Travel by Brit is a female travel brand that helps ordinary women dream, plan, and do extraordinary travel. 

After adventuring through Europe on my honeymoon, I realized incredible travel experiences don’t have to be difficult to plan or expensive to execute. I created this blog to provide travel guides, tips, and recommendations from my travels to help other women (just like me!) create a plan, budget, and itinerary to make their travel dreams a reality.

Hi, Friends!

I’m Brittany, and I’m the travel writer, blogger, and content creator behind Travel by Brit. I live in Phoenix, Arizona, with my husband, Michael, and golden retriever, Sedona.

I’ve enjoyed traveling since I was young, but I recently discovered my passion for travel during my honeymoon in Europe in 2019.

I love planning trips almost as much as I love taking them, and I’m guessing if you’re here, you do, too! I hope my travel blogs and resources make planning your vacation hassle-free and fun!

Besides traveling, I enjoy reading, hiking, trying new coffee shops, watching Disney movies, listening to country music, spending time with friends and family, and hanging out with Sedona. You can follow all my adventures on Instagram at @travelbybrit!

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My Recent Destinations

Wondering where in the world I've been? Read some of my blog posts from my most recent (and favorite!) destinations.

Oahu, HI
Newport, RI
Boston, MA